Authorized Password Site Index is the first Password Site 'Chart' on the net. Our main goal is to help people choose from password sites which numbers are growing day by day. We chose a different method to list password sites: we made a robot which visits the sites, then analyze them.

We are in the password site business several years and we taught the robot to everything we know. He knows the scam sites via a large database we have collected in the last few years and new scam sites are added continously. He also verifies the urls which are on the password sites 'on the fly'.

So it's a FULLY AUTOMATIC system which really help people to find those password sites which suit their needs. It also makes the password site owners to maintain their site, update it more frequently and this gives a chance to new password sites to collect large amount of traffic in their beginning too.

The whole site has more than 16.000 unique visitors now and we will convert this traffic towards the chart so you will get enough hits from us to make you happy. And we are planning to include many new features into xxxhq.com to make it really the Largest Adult Headquarter on the web.


The following rules goes to every member site.

  1. Your site must have a minimum of 3.000 unique visitors.
  2. You must not support and not link to any child pornography sites or sites which has such content.
  3. Duplicated password pages for different Leader Boards, Ranking Sites or Top50 sites are not accepted.
  4. You have to put our banner link with the rules below.
  5. Your site have to send a minimum of 50 unique hits back to us daily. Generally it can be achieved by putting out the regular banner, but if not, you'll be informed about that. In this case you can use additional banners, text or blind links as described on Rules Page 2.
  6. If you brake one of our rules you will be delinked first from the chart and you have 3 days to correct your page, then you will be banned forever.
  7. If we see you're breaking our rules continously you will be banned without prior notice.


The following banner must be displayed in the top 40% of your main password page.
You have to save the image first (right click then save picture as...) then upload it to your server.
Then you have to cut & paste the code EXACTLY as it's here on this page. You MUST NOT change the link which opens in a new blank window.
Our robot verifies if it's installed EXACTLY as shown here, and if not, we cannot provide a link back to your site.


See our stats at Password Chart !


  1. Read and understand our rules.
  2. Place our banner link somewhere on the top of your page.
  3. JOIN to the Index described below:


Just fill out this form below.


Name of the password site: REQUIRED
The URL of the main password page: REQUIRED
URLs of additional pages (only if you have it):

The URL you'd like XXXHQ to link to (when visitors clicks on the name of your site):
The URL of your counter which proves you have more than 3000 unique visitors: REQUIRED
Description of your site (max. 255 characters): REQUIRED
The password for the stats page (if you set one):
Your name: REQUIRED
Your e-mail address: REQUIRED
Your ICQ number (optional):

If the form above doesn't work, write an e-mail to apsi@xxxhq.com and put JOIN in the subject field.
In the letter, include the following informations:

  1. The name of your password site
  2. The URLs of your password pages where all the passes are (you can have up to 5 pages but you must have different sites listed on each page)
  3. The URL you'd like XXXHQ to link to (by clicking on the name of your site)
  4. The url of your counter which proves that you have more than 3.000 unique visitors (and a password if you've protected it)
  5. The description of your site (max. 255 characters)
  6. The e-mail, ICQ number and the name of the contact person

If any of the rules changes you will receive a letter about the modifications.
That's all. If you will need additional information, feel free to ask me.

Have a good time !